Friday, 9 May 2008

Mens Street Style

Obviously Some Like It Fashion is not going to give the facehunter or the sartorialist a run for their money, that is not what we are about here. But, when I saw Merrick Johnson in Selfridges last night, I couldn't resist papping him. Edgy, relaxed and bang on trend, all achieved with a mix of designer and high street.

Merrick works for Puma
(do you see my subtle way of getting that across in the picture? World class photographer I am not, but perhaps the next Derren Brown?) in the press office and his style tip for this season is narrow turn ups.

Love the peg shaped jeans, love the rolled up legs, love the pop of colour in the form of a cardigan and silk scarf. Did I mention I LOVE IT?


Merrick's jeans are Marc Jacobs, shoes are H&M, scarf is Hermes, t-shirt Ralph by Ralph Lauren, sunglasses are vintage and from LA, and the cardigan is Rudolph Dassler Puma (and is available from July).

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ALI RAE said...

Great post! And he has great style.

By the way...

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