Friday, 23 May 2008

Weddings. And what to wear to them.

Ohhhh, it's coming to that time of year again. Save-the-date cards are landing on the mat and blogs all around the world are telling you what to wear to weddings. Well, Some Like It Fashion is no exception, we are *jumping* on that bandwagon. Hell yeah! Make room!

I'm going to be honest with you though, this wedding malarkey fills me with panic. Not because of the event itself of course. What is not to like about weddings? A girl in a pretty dress, several in comically awful ones, free food, plenty of booze, cheesy music and dads dancing. Seriously, what is not to like? No no no no NO. The reason I get anxious is not because of the event, but the amount of time, money and energy that I will be required to spend leading up to the 'big day'. Very few weddings happen locally, so you need to organise travel, accommodation and in my case, a cat sitter. Then there is the gift, which means going to look at the register (inevitably too late so you end up buying the shittiest combination of gifts ever, something like 4 teaspoons, 2 glass tumblers and 2 hand towels). And then finally, after all that - what in the name of sweet Jesus are you going to wear?

These days of course, there is an added complication to think about as well. We are required to interpret invites as if we were Mystic Meg to figure out how to dress appropriately (The Coveted cover this excellently btw) for the occasion. As you know wedding attire etiquette is not what it once was. There was a time when we knew what was expected of us: dress, heels, hat, gloves and a smart handbag and the men wore ties (not just around their heads like Rambo at the end of the night). But this is often deemed a little OTT these days. The new 'dress down' policy offers more flexibility with outfits, but that's not always a good thing. It does mean we can be a little bit more 'fashion', but we have to be careful not to compete with the bride for attention and remember that food, drink and dancing is going to impact on our appearance at the end of the night. And to make matters worse, there is a VERY strong chance that as you and your outfit descend into drunkenville the whole thing will be documented on facebook. Allowances for this must be made.

So, what to wear? WHAT TO WEAR? If you don't want to blend into the bland ocean of Monsoon dresses at this summer's weddings, but at the same time need a little inspiration, decide which shopper you are and then read on, my friend:

  1. I have time to search for the cheapest suitable outfit possible, ideally one that I can return should the hem somehow mysteriously fall down after being worn only once...
  2. I have time to search for an outfit and a bit of dosh, but it needs to be something I will wear again afterwards.
  3. I just want to throw money at the problem and make it go away!

1: I have time to search for the cheapest suitable outfit possible, ideally one that I can return should the hem somehow mysteriously fall down after being worn only once...

With the exception of the cuff and headband, this outfit is entirely high street and therefore quite bargainous. I ain't going to lie to you, you could find cheaper if you are brave enough to tackle a Primark. I ain't. This Luella style yellow dress is from Red Herring and can be purchased in Debenhams. Team this with a boyfriend style blazer, simple stud earrings and black shoes so that is doesn't seem twee (those pictured are from Topshop). Because the dress is so froufrou, the accessories need to be simple. An in your face fascinator (the norm for most wedding guests) would be too much, so an Alice band is the perfect solution. This one is Miu Miu and you can buy it on-line from Start boutique in London. Finally, a flash of contrasting colour is added in the form of a purple cuff by Fendi from Net-a-Porter. Obviously, there are high street versions of this Alice band and bracelet, so if the piggy bank is empty, check out Accessorize or even New Look for an abundance of options.

Tip: do not be tempted to go too matchy-matchy. You are not posh spice! (Are you? Please be reading this, Vicky, pleaaaase). Break up a colour scheme by adding a small flash of a contrasting colour.

2: I have time to search for an outfit and a bit of dosh, but it needs to be something I will wear again afterwards.

This outfit is a refreshing change to what you see at most weddings as women tend to veer away from trousers. Don't be put off, it is completely appropriate. These pieces work fantastically as separates and will be great additions to your wardrobe. The silk top is David Szeto and is available from Matches. He's a pricey piece, but the lobster print is beautiful and unique. The black high waisted trousers are from Debenhams and will transport you effortlessly from the ceremony to dinner to dancing. The shoes are from Reiss and the earrings are Urban Outfitters, they will work with so many other outfits in addition to this it's ridiculous. The soft peach hue of the Vanessa Bruno demi- sheer jacket compliments the printed top and the bright blue bag by Topshop makes the whole outfit pop giving it a 'fashion' edge.

Tip: Go easy on the jewellery. You are not in the A-Team. Earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and a ring is far too much. Go for a two at the most. If the neckline is quite busy (like above) chose earrings over a necklace.

3: I just want to throw money at the problem and make it go away!

If you want to do all of your purchasing on the interwebby and have a credit card burning a hole in your pocket, this is the perfect outfit for you. Everything (bar the silk flowers) is from Net-a-Porter. This orange dress by Vanessa Bruno is a beautiful tone and perfect for summer shin-digs. The cut is tres flattering (and it will be comfortable even after a 3 course meal and knee slides on the dance floor). The fabric of the dress is almost casual, so team it with a nice tailored jacket like this one from Vivienne Westwood to smarten it up. Simple black shoes like these from Marc Jacobs and this black clutch from Christian Louboutin tie the whole look together. A bit of bling in the form of a long Vivienne Westwood orb compliments perfectly. Finally, some silk flowers in the hair are a lovely alternative to a hat. These two are from V V Rouleaux and can be pinned into hair, or, if your hair is short, stitch them onto a piece of ribbon and tie around your head as you would a head scarf.

TIP: Spend more money on accessories, they won't date as fast and it is true what they say: they do make cheaper clothes look expensive.

So, there you have it. Dressing for weddings, in (quite a large) facebook worthy nutshell.



Penny said...

Great... have shopped at Boscovs for my wedding shoes & got latest trend shoes.

Anonymous said...

ahh getting dressed for weddings always stresses me out every time i feel like i stand out to much and the bride is always giving me dirty looks

Edith said...

There is a fine balance which I think can be hard to strike. You want to look yourself, but at the same time you don't want to piss the bride off. I think that the new relaxed dress code at weddings does make it easier to be true to your own style.

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