Monday, 23 June 2008

No ears and no tails!

Today I am a big (5'2" is big in the grand scale of things, OK?) ball of lub. Lub lub lub.

You see my sister has just gone into labour. Her husband called to say the plug had 'come out' (I'm not sure what this 'plug' is but I have a feeling I really don't want to know. Sounds icky). So, with the arrival of my first niece imminent, obviously anything fashion related in proportions small enough for a sprog is getting me whipped up into a right ole frenzy. Tis the bringing together of two of my greatest lubs. Lubs lubs lubs.

So, as you can imagine, I was especially excited when a lovely box containing this landed on my desk this evening:

Anything that isn't an anti-aging product (frankly, I'm starting to find it insulting. Are people trying to tell me something?) or boring press release about bikinis is a very welcome change. But a sample relating to bambinas, well, what with sis about to explode, it's guaranteed to get me all riled up (in a good way of course). Ohhhh, the squeal of delight I made when opening the box and discovering this 'orange' hat was audible all around the building.

Now, a friend of mine once said to me that her friend (I promise you this story isn't going to end in an urban myth type tale where everybody dies and the killer licks your foot whilst pretending to be your pet dog and then writes a chilling message on your wall) had a rule about clothing for her children. Nothing with ears or tails was permitted. Now, I think this is a RIDICULOUS rule. Where is the fun in your friends and family having children if you can't put them in comedy outfits and convince them they are the very animals that they are dressed as? I have very fond memories of a friend's kid who on being presented with suitable attire became convinced that he was a monkey. He proceeded to howl in such a manner for over a week, even whilst at school. It was comedy gold.

Anyway, in the event that my sister decides to adopt this 'no ears and tail' rule, it's no biggie. I can be down with that thanks to the good people of Cob Web Knits. Now, these hats could be perceived as a leetle bit freaky in a cabbage patch doll kinda way, but they are also veh veh cute. I can already envisage my niece rocking the lemon hat (yellow is sooooo this season dontcha know) this summer. And it is something delightfully different to present to my sister that isn't the standard gift-voucher, baby grow or a bib (that says something hilarious and equivalent to 'I'm a boob man'). Buying one of these is securing my place in the baby's memorable gift hall of fame. And isn't that what we all secretly want? To gain/buy the unquestionable love and admiration of another's child so that we can teach them naughty words and gestures and in doing so annoy the shit out of their parents? HELL. YEAH.


Cob Web Knits is a family run business based in rural Dorset, which means that they get the Some Like It Fashion sustainable seal of approval!

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