Thursday, 1 May 2008

The rise of the geeky, salsa dancing man

Yes - It has finally happened.

"What?!" I hear you cry! The modern man's wardrobe has expanded outside the realms of the traditional for the first time since the 1800s

"What is this absurdity of which you speak?!" I hear you exclaim! Brace yourself, for the rise of the - wait for it, waaaaaaait for it... t-shirts and trousers!

"You're crazy" I see you mouth! But no, I'm not. You see these aren't just any t-shirts and trousers. No Sir! The t-shirts are
revealing and cut low and the trousers are ankle-skimming (not crops you understand, regular trousers that are just a bit to short). The kind made famous by the legendary Thom Browne.

"Utter tosh! This isn't womens fashion!" I hear you shout! But yes, it's true. These 'trends' witnessed upon the catwalks for the past few seasons, on the odd lanky teenager during a growth spurt and the occasional berated celebrity have now made it to the doors of the mass market.

"Well, I haven't seen these monstrous and beastly things of which you speak!" I hear you screech! Just wait till next season, AW O8/9 for the cropped trousers; they're in the look books. And well, the low cut t-shirts are being sold under your very nose in stores everywhere.

"But surely only the likes of Topman will be doing something so utterly mad-capped and men-tar-ley, you know, for the international students to wear?" I hear you say! Yet again, my good friend, you are wrong. Gap, Cos, Banana Republic, Hackett as well as Topman, they've all jumped on this bandwagon. Banana Republic has designed a formal suit with ankle revealing trousers if rumours are to be believed. And for crying out loud, man! Brooks Brothers are already selling them!

"But these are some of
the most classic and conservative brands on the high street!" I hear you gasp! Yessum, indeedio. True Fact. But even they seem to think it's the future.

"So, what does this mean for our fellow man's wardrobe?" I hear you mumble! Well, let me answer your last question, first by stating where I stand on this matter. I (unlike Phoebe) wholeheartedly approve of this new loo
k (on hearing this she smashed her fist onto the table, almost spilling my wine, recoiled in horror and exclaimed "SERIOUSLY!?"). I can only hope that men embrace this look like they would their X Box 360 as though they have been separated from it for several months. And, this isn't one of those cases like Mrs Prada's 'revenge' where I think boys should be sent down the runway in tutus (although, incidentally, I did *heart* that Prada collection). As a heterosexual female I find this look attractive. I do, damn it! I will not be ashamed anymore! I love this look like I love Girls Aloud! What is not to like? A glimpse of chest? Yes please! Showing a bit of ankle? I'll jolly well take it! SERIOUSLY, what is not to like?

For those of you that I have already convinced with my politically correct and compelling argument, welcome to the wonderful dark side of fashion, mwahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA, (please keep your hands inside the cart at all times); for the rest of you, let me leave you with this thought. Why is it OK for women to wear these clothes without comment or judgement but not a man? If your answer is "because it is just wrong on a man" that will not suffice and you are a sexist brute who belongs on the Jeremy Kyle show.

To get back to answering your quest
ion though "what does this mean for the modern man's wardrobe?", well it simply means this: be prepared to see more moobs and more leg over the coming seasons than ever before. Shockingly exciting, non? For those of you that are still a little apprehensive or even concerned, let me give you a few words of guidance that will allow you to love this trend like you would your mother (i.e. without question, even when the shit is being annoyed out of you). The plunge t-shirt combined with the ankle-skimming trouser is a tad too much when worn together (picture a sort of cheesy, geeky, man on his way to a salsa evening if you will), but when worn in isolation with 'regular' clothes these items are truly fabulous. So ladies, encourage the men to consider something a little bit different to the norm. And men, be brave in these, such uncertain times. March forward and dress for your country! Make us proud. Try a deep V. Try a short trouser (and if this really is a step too far too soon, I'll settle for a Reiss button neck t-shirt and some Ted Baker trousers rolled up Dsquared style: see image bottom right).

Now go forth and shop!


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