Tuesday, 13 May 2008

A summer wardrobe essential... beautiful jewellery

Summer is all about simple clothes, effortless style and sweating as little as possible. Less is more. You make your statements with jewellery and accessories. Which of course brings us to our first hurdle: where do you find interesting, affordable pieces that every high-street store hasn't produced a version of?

Zoe Bassi is one solution to such a problem. A young Scottish designer based in Bristol, she produces contemporary, handcrafted jewellery with prices starting from as little as £35.

I feel a bit of a *crush* coming on. I can already envisage how these will work with my wardrobe and compliment this seasons trend for pale denim. In addition to that, I *heart* that they are made in the UK (free from unfair labour guilt which is becoming a total drag) and that you can commission special one off pieces. For me, the appeal of vintage is that I'm wearing something that theoretically, no one else owns. If I can now do that without smelling like old laydeez, I'm sold! Oh, and boys, please don't feel left out. Zoe Bassi also has a fandabbydozer collection of cufflinks.


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