Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Which came first? Ethical fashion or plain ugly?

I keep reading that ethical fashion is about to get really good. This pleases me. I like a lot of people these days want to buy ethically. I refuse to do so at the compromise of good design though. And there in lies the problem. Because, at the moment sustainable fashion seems to be synonymous with naff cotton smock tops. And quite frankly, I've seen enough of them to last two life times. Seriously, is there a reason for this baaaaad design? Like, some technical reason? Like if you produce environmentally friendly cotton, it is only possible to stitch it into sacks? I'm fairly sure none of my fashion lecturers mentioned it in class, but I can't think of any other reason that the clothes in this sector are still so boring. Sure, People Tree tries, but if we're honest; it is still a bit shit, isn't it? Howies is great for basics, but there isn't anything that's going to make you slip off your chair in pure delight. And Stella, well, who can afford to dress in McCartney all the time? (If you can afford to you must be rich, do you want to go out with me?)

If you are now reading this, squirming with anticipation thinking I am about to enlighten you with some new fangled brand that will change all of this... You are wrong. However, I have stumbled across something 'ethical' that I think has the potential to be a slow-burning soul mate kinda fashion love (as opposed to a quick fumble down a back alley kinda fashion lust). For example: You know those shoes that you HAD to HAVE or you would DIE but then you wore them twice and forgot about them? It's not like that. But, remember the skirt that you didn't hate but you weren't really feelin but your friend convinced you to buy it anyway and it turns out she was right because you have lived in it ever since? You with me?! It's like that!

Elizabeth Lau has launched a summer collection of eco knits and cardigans, made from a mix of biodegradable bamboo fibres and cotton. *Jazz hands*
Now see, they don't have me whipped up into the kinda frenzy where I'd knock out a granny to grab the last one, but; I can see them working in so many ways with oh so many things I already own. You can see it to, can't you? Jeans, skirts, dresses... It just makes sense.Check out the website to find stockist details. Prices start from £135. That may seem steep, but you'll be able to tell your grand kids you were there, at the start of the sustainable revolution. And you just can't put a price on that kinda pride.


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