Friday, 6 June 2008

"EVERY DAY IS KIDS DAY!" A Fathers day gift guide.

Remember when you used to complain to your parents about not having a kids day when they had a mothers and a fathers day? And they'd be like "EVERY DAY IS KIDS DAY". And you'd be like, if that really were true, things would be pretty different round here...

And so this brings me to the point of my post, it is that time of year when we bestow gifts upon our beloved dads to say thanks for the lessons they have taught us. Wisdom from Bunny (that's my dad's nickname by the way) includes:

  • On big meanies at school: "When you know someone so well that you can anticipate how they will react in a situations and they then behave in the way you expected you shouldn't get upset or angry. You know they are going to do it. Except it and don't get frustrated."
  • On relationships: "Love isn't always enough. You have to like the person as well"
  • On asking for some Miss Sixty jeans: "Give your head a shake girl, who'd you think I am? The bank of England?"
Oh, dontcha feel the wiser for reading that? Amen, Bunny. Amen. But lets get to the crux of the matter and discuss potential gifts. Sick of buying socks? Yeah! Sick of buying books? Yeah! Sick of buying clothes that he only wears when you come round to lunch? Hell yeah! So, here are some suggestions covering the safe, comedy and classic options for Fathers day.

Lazy days Dad: His perfect day involves crashing out in front of the TV after a Sunday roast and maybe (if the conditions are permitting) having an afternoon snooze.
Suggestion: 3:10 to Yuma, the modern re-make of a classic western. £7.99 including delivery.

Snores so loud that wakes himself up Dad: The neighbours think it is thundering, when you go on holiday the locals think a boat has hit rocks and is sinking. Loud doesn't even come close to describing the noise.
Suggestion: A hilarious head brace thing from Snoozer. Can you imagine his face when he opens that? Priceless. Priceless. But if you want the price it's £64.95.

Money talks Dad: He says not to bother but you know he doesn't mean it. When you were a kid he'd slip you a tenner so you could buy him something on his birthday and at Christmas. The man loves a gift!
Suggestion: Quality leather. Smythson do a very fine selection of classic, handsome wallets and cardholders. Perfect for those moments when he needs to impress by getting a round in at the golf club. Prices range from £65 - £400.

Fathers day is Sunday June 15th in the UK but the date may differ in other countries.


the iron chic said...

Haha. I'm glad I clicked on the Snoozer link. The picture of the couple sleeping is priceless.
Yeah, THAT'S sexy.

Edith Purdy said...

I know, it's comedy genius! I kinda want to get one just to wear to frighten small children.

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