Friday, 6 June 2008

London College of Fashion Magazine Launch

As of yet I know very little about it (launches on the 25th of June so I will fill you in with the gossip then) except that the first issue is called Pigeons and Peacocks. And apparently, we have to decide which one we are:

Ladies, have you heard about the launch of the London College of Fashion magazine? There is an event somewhere trendy in the East end, I think we should go. It'll be like old times! According to the invite we have to decide: Are we a pigeon or a peacock?

Betty: I tell you I just don’t know. See I’ve been musing on this one, and I reckon all the cool kids are gonna be like ‘yeah I am so like a pigeon yeah Hoxton yeah’ but maybe I shouldn’t neglect my home counties upbringing and my grammar school education. So I reckon peacock.
Phoebe: Please don’t tell me we have to dress up as a pigeon or a peacock?! Damn this new ‘concept’ prospectus…
Betty: Yeah, you'd better start planning your outfit now.
Phoebe: Is this going to be one of those awful Neighbours style moments where I turn up in full-on pigeon outfit, shaking my tail feather, beak fastened to face with piece of elastic, pink clawed feet firmly attached, only to find that everyone else is looking really cool in their Reiss/Topshop/Prada (depending on who they are), sipping on a martini, face aghast as the crazy lady who’s just walked in? Cos if it is, I ain’t there sister. So, are you being serious?
Edith: Yeah totally. You better get yourself down to Angels and rent a giant pigeon costume. Go as one of those skanky old pigeons from the Walworth Road that have a club foot and dirty feathers.
Phoebe: Yeah! One of those ones that can’t really walk and just sit for most of the day cooing like an old lame tramp on a bench
Edith: And the other pigeons poo on it.
Phoebe: And children kick it!
Betty: So you gonna rent the peacock outfit instead right?
Phoebe: I may just go to Peacocks and buy it, does that count?

So, what say the rest of you?! Are you a pigeon or a peacock? Show us yer feathers.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I think I am probably a peacock. I wear bright clothes and I'm quite girly!

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