Monday, 9 June 2008

Recession Dressin = Geox Shoes

So, my BBC news worthy fashion observation of the week... The usual press freebies (that are rarely directed at me but often at my bosses) are very thin on the ground at the moment. This is bad because anything they reject I get first dibs on. I show no shame; I'm in like Flin. Like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth. Imagine Smeagol and the "precious" and you get the idea. Anyway, the freebies seriously, very thin on the ground. I'm talking anorexic thin. I'm concerned. Is this what they mean when they talk about recession?! Fuck the mortgage crisis and the starving people around the world. What about ME! I need stuff that I don't yet know I need!

So, as the pickings at work are slim, I was seduced by a store opening invite that promised a free pair of shoes (of my choice) on attendance.

9:30 last Thursday, I roll up to the new Geox in Covent Garden London. Polite chit chat is made with the PR girls and my peers. They're smiling. I'm smiling. They're laughing. I'm laughing. They're not eating. I'm eating. All the while my eyes are darting around the room like a crack head looking for my next pipe and I'm screaming on the inside "JUST GIVE ME MY SHOES. I KNOW WHAT I WANT. I CHECKED THE WEBSITE BEFORE I ARRIVED! GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!". Fashion really does bring out the very best in people.

1 hour, 3 muffins, 2 bottles of water, 1 full bladder and a VERY long speech about rubber soles with holes in them later I have my prize. These:

Can my shitty old ballet pumps feel me now?!

I've been hankering for some loafers / boat type shoes for a while but I have held off in favour of topping up my ISA (people never warn you about how boring being a grown up actually is, do they?). First and foremost, I was attracted to the colour. That dull bronze is very trans-seasonal (and metallic NEVER seems to go out of fashion). I find that black can look harsh in the summer, whereas this colour compliments all seasons' palettes. First pro: Longevity. Check!

I'm picturing these shoes in all sorts of combinations. In the summer with girly dresses, bare silky legs, manish blazers, long but delicate jewellery. The billowing breeze flowing through my hair not unlike a shampoo advert. Small animals following me, helping me with my tasks at work and bursting into song. A sorta post-modern ironic Cinderella if you will. And when the weather cools, I'm going to work them with slim jeans with narrow turn-ups, a crisp clean shirt and a tailored jacket. My hair will be sleek and chic. Children will cower and shy away from me. This look will be all about being rich and badass and driving a 4 x 4. Second pro: Versatility. Check!

Now, having spent the best part of a weekend wearing said loafers in a combination of the above looks I can confirm that these shoes can also be likened to slippers. I could happily run around in them all day and night. No rubbing, blisters or pinching to report. My only criticism would be (and it is very small) that they do very little to support the ankle. I'm quite unsteady on my paws generally so I have almost gone over on my ankle twice whilst wearing them. That could be down to my own clumsiness rather than the shoes though so I ain't going to hold this against them. This leads me nicely to my final pro: Practicality. Check!

The big question remains though. If I had to buy these shoes with my own £65 worth of cold hard cash, earned with blood, sweat and tears, would I? If you'd have asked me on Wednesday I'd have said no. They're just Loafers, right? Cheaper pairs can be found easily. However, having had them in my possession for a weekend, I am starting to wonder how my wardrobe ever worked without them. The technology in the sole that stops sweaty feet and keeps out rain water means they are suitable to wear for most of the year, they work with almost all of the looks I like to rock, and perhaps best of all, they do not hurt my feet at all. No painful wearing in to be endured. In fact, I'm so enamoured that I'm thinking about using some of that ISA money to do my bit to end the recession and buy a pair in pink...


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