Tuesday, 3 June 2008

With age comes jewellery

As a woman, I have found that two things happen as you get older. 1. You become more interested in babies (although not necessarily interested in having them) and 2. You discover that less can be more in terms of fashion and style.

And so with this second realisation, jewellery becomes increasingly important in our wardrobes. Cue Goodman Morris who produce very simple, modern and yet beautiful, unique jewellery.

The rings pictured really hold your interest when you see them in person, you can't help but fondle them. They're made to order, so you can choose the stone and finish and create something very personal. The result is an individual ring that is reassuringly heavy, almost like a paperweight and looks beautifully crafted.

So having read the above, picture this: Me groping one of these rings like a deranged, starved, wide-eyed pervert shrieking, "Yes, yes, yes, YES. Sold! Wrap him up, I'm taking him home!". Delirious I was, thinking about all of the sophisticated outfits my new addition was going to compliment. Oh yeah! YEAH!


That was my dream exploding into a million tiny pieces on hearing the price of said ring by the way... Turns out, he's a pricey piece at £425. Hurumphf! What to do? What to do? Fashion doesn't pay much in a financial sense, so the ole budget doesn't stretch much past accessorize. As a compromise I'm going to settle for one of these torque rings. They look stunning on, subtle and elegant and they are priced at a more purse friendly £113. Actually, thinking about it, I don't really feel like I am settling at all. YEY!


Having just won the UK Jewellery Awards' 'Supplier of the Year', Goodman Morris the originally Brighton based company has now expanded its stockists to 40 independent jewellers nationwide. Prices range from £35 - £4000.


KiKi said...

i love the green ring!! fantastic blog up for a link exchange?

Edith Purdy said...

The rings come in all sorts of colours (different precious stones with various names I can not remember). They really are beautiful. Oh how I wish I was rich. I'd be a GREAT rich person.

Anyway, would love to do a link exchange with you. I'll add you to our roll now.

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