Friday, 16 May 2008

"Have you converted to Islam?", "No, but they really are onto something with with this Hijab thing".

What is a girl to do? Flip flops and glaring sunshine one day and pissing down the next! Thank Allah for the summer scarf that is becoming increasingly indispensable.

Caught short this morning in a sudden down pour (with no brolly to hand) I had to do some quick improvising. I responded in record time to this perilous situation (In fact so unfazed was I that I seriously think that MI6 should head-hunt me for some spook work), I whipped off my summer scarf (that I had just spent 5 minutes styling into a 'I just threw this on and it looked fabulous' kinda way) and fashioned a sort of hair protection head adornment inspired by the Hijab.

Muslim women may wear Hijabs for religious reasons that I am not going to pretend to understand - I'm no expert in the subject of religion, but there is something else to be said here. Scarves worn in this style actually look very nice, they frame the face and emphasise the eyes. They look especially good if you have bangs. Seriously, I'm thinking of rocking this look even when it is not raining. A sort of Hermes turban meets D&G headscarf if you will.

So people of the world! I urge you to join me and let's take the Hijab from a being just another religious symbol and help transform it into what it should be. A truly glorious and great fashion trend!

Here's what you have to do:
  1. First, lay your scarf horizontally and fold over a 5cm edge on one side (creating a make-shift hem).

  2. Then put this (hem side down) centrally on your forehead a couple of centimetres above your eyebrows.

  3. Next, take the lengths of the scarf round to the back of your head and cross them over at the top of your neck.

  4. Now, wrap each side around the front of your neck once and then leave to drape over your shoulders and down your back.
Et voila! Try it, I promise you will never squeeze your umbrella into your already bulging handbag again.


To recreate the hijab style you will need quite a long scarf. Mine is very old and from Jigsaw bought 5 years ago. However, I found this one on-line from their sister store Kew which will do the trick.

Please note: The image above is merely a representation and not how the headscarf I described will look exactly, although it is similar.

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