Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Some things make me irrationally angry. Like press releases. I often write this rage off though, because at the time of scanning them I am usually hungry/stupidly busy/plain arsey.

I got the below press release on Monday (it was sent to me at work, not via Some Like It Fashion). On reading it I was incensed. But I attributed that to the fact that it was 1:30pm, the rain was hammering down and I'd just spent the last 30 minutes on the phone to a woman who couldn't grasp that I was not Mary Portas, nor was I in anyway connected with her.


Paris Hilton drops 5 pounds with the help of Pomegranate Power!

Paris Hilton recently caused controversy with her recent weight gain due to smoking pot and eating too much -they say that "Paris gets stoned all the time" and eats like crazy. She supposedly started noticing that her clothes were tight and decided that she needed to give up the herb if she didn't want to buy a new wardrobe. Paris became concerned recently because her clothes have been growing tight and she knew she was gaining weight.…when Paris couldn’t get into certain dresses she loved recently, she decided to give up smoking pot. She has taken to giving up pot and training back at the gym & taking the wonder supplement Pomegranate Power (from LA) to detox & get herself back in shape!


Holy Shoite, I think that may be the crappiest press release I have EVER had the misfortune to read. Even if I weren't hungry/stupidly busy/plain arsey I would still sentence the author to be put up against a wall and shot with shit. The pomegranate link is tenuous, the repeated mention of pot tacky and on top of that it's beyond badly written.

Well, another day another poor PR pitch. I'm off to get a chocolate croissant from Pret before today's onslaught on my in-box begins...


The image shown did not accompany the press release. I used it for illustrative purposes.

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